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  • Financial leasing of medical equipment
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    Medical apparatus financing lease is a leasing company according to the selected hospital medical equipment and manufacturers, to the hospital financing to buy the equipment, and through with the hospital signed contracts of financial leasing, rental equipment to the hospital, the hospital to pay the rent of a financial service business.

    Because of China's specific medical system, state of medical institutions long-term investment serious insufficient, hospital infrastructure generally obsolete, medical equipment is mostly aging, contradiction between people's growing medical needs and have become increasingly prominent. The introduction of advanced medical equipment, which is in urgent need of medical institutions, is conducive to the improvement of medical research ability and the level of diagnosis and treatment, so as to provide more and better medical and health services.

    By means of financing lease the introduction of medical equipment can rapidly expand the number of devices and enhance the level of equipment, so as to drive the discipline echelon construction, enhance the comprehensive hospital treatment capacity, make the hospital embarked on a rapid development of a benign track. Financing lease can be adequate relief of hospital medical equipment investment in the financial pressure, greatly reduce the hospital in the acquisition of one-time investment of the equipment of large funds, allowing hospitals to have more funds into the field of medical research, discipline construction, employee benefits, etc. are in urgent need of investment, the hospital has the ability of sustainable development.

    First, the hospital financing lease overview

    Hospital medical equipment leasing, is refers to the leasing companies that hospital financing on the grounds, to purchase the corresponding medical equipment according to the needs of the hospital, and hospital signed contracts of financial leasing, rental equipment to the hospital hospital payment schedule fixed rent a financial services. Financing lease business involves the interests of the three: the lessor (leasing company), the tenant (hospital) and equipment suppliers. Thought the lessee to provide financing on the grounds, the lessor to the suppliers to buy the lease required medical equipment, the lessor and lessee between people through the signing of the financing lease contract to determine the relationship of interest between and after the lessee fails to pay the rent, to obtain the necessary medical equipment by right of use and with the proceeds of the right to, but ownership of the equipment during the term of the lease equipment belong to the lessor. After the two sides signed the lease expires, by the lessee and the lessor consultation solve equipment attribution can be recovered by the lessor can also be accepted by both sides of the residual value sale to the lessee, then the ownership of the equipment is instantly change, from the lessor transferred to the lessee in the hands, as agreed in the lease contract behavior here end. Actually, hospital financing lease and daily life of loan mortgage to buy a house, buy a car similar, financial leasing companies to raise funds after, to provide medical equipment according to the requirement of hospital, hospital pay rent on schedule can to obtain the right to use, after the expiration of the lease, hospital to pay the rent equipment's residual value can be obtained for the ownership of the equipment. In this way, hospitals can timely introduction of advanced medical equipment service for patients, further, the medical equipment for hospitals to improve efficiency of diagnosis and treatment, reduce the misdiagnosis rate and expand the scale provides a broad space, make the hospital set up a good image and attract more patients.

    Two, the main way of financing lease of hospital medical equipment

    First, the simple financing lease: the lessee choose to buy the lease item, the lessor through the risk assessment of the lease item will be leased to the lessee to use the leased object. The lessee shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the lease item during the entire lease period, and shall have the right to use it without ownership. The lessor shall not bear any responsibility for the maintenance of the leased object, and the lessee shall put aside the depreciation of the equipment. First select the hospital medical equipment and manufacturers, and then put forward the leasing company leasing cooperation requirements, leasing companies in accordance with the requirements of the purchase of equipment, the two sides signed a lease contract, the hospital regularly pay rent. After the expiration of the lease, the leasing company will lease the equipment to the two sides negotiated price and then sold to the hospital. This approach has the advantages of simple operation, easy to manage, the hospital only to find a reliable leasing company, is currently the medical institutions are generally used in a lease.

    Second, the sale and leaseback: sale leaseback usually refers to the enterprise existing assets sold to other enterprises, and then leased back a set of financing and sale is the one of the financing way, is a novel method of modern enterprises to raise funds. It is the way to make the equipment manufacturing enterprise or the owner of the asset (the lessee) to obtain the necessary funds by selling the ownership of the assets, while providing profitable investment opportunities for the lessor. In the process of after sale, the lessor and the lessee carry on the double transaction, all has the dual status, thus forms the asset value and the use value the discrete phenomenon. Hospital will own equipment according to the depreciation of the value of collateral sold to the leasing company, for the purchase of medical equipment funds from leasing companies and in accordance with the requirements of the contract by regular payment of rent rent to sell the equipment a lease form. On the one hand hospital through mortgage owned equipment to buy new equipment, sources of funding, on the other hand, the leasing company through the sale and leaseback transactions, also found a stable return, minimum risk investment opportunities. This approach is now widely used in various medical institutions, has not only limited to the purchase of medical equipment, but gradually expanded to the hospital's basic construction and investment in various projects.

    Third, the leveraged lease: leveraged lease is a specialized large leasing project and obtain tax benefits of financing lease, usually by a leasing company lead as the backbone company, is a large project leasing, similar to syndicated loans. Leasing company invested twenty percent to forty, banks and other financial institutions to invest sixty percent to eighty, to jointly purchase the hospital selected equipment, the hospital to pay the rental fees. Due to its standard and good comprehensive benefits, rent safe recovery, low cost, but also enjoy tax benefits, the ships, aircraft, large complete sets of equipment and communications equipment have taken this way, but due to its involving more stakeholders, leveraged lease in various medical institutions does not see more.


    Three, the role of hospital medical equipment financing lease

    First, because it has not been formed social diversified investment mechanism, the construction and reform of medical institutions rely mainly on government investment and service charges, the government limited financial resources, hospital service charges under the guidance of the State price guidelines, only barely medical service cost, root can not support the hospital's own construction and development. This single mode of financing has seriously affected the development of medical institutions. Financing lease is the hospital by qualified financial leasing companies to obtain the necessary funds for development, in general these financial leasing companies have very strong sources of funding, and from banks and other financial institutions, loans compared to that obtained with simple procedures of funds, approval time is short, fast and convenient, save a lot of red tape, for the hospital for more time for an urgent need for the business; at the same time for some funds are particularly tense of medical institutions, not only solve the the problem of funding gap, can also be the first to take someone else's money do you want to do things, not because of a shortage of funds lose opportunities to develop. Financing lease for the hospital to find a rapid financing channels, the hospital simply put a small amount of money, you can get the required medical equipment in a timely manner, which is an efficient way to finance.

    Second, financing lease can improve the efficiency of the use of funds in medical institutions, reduce the burden of hospital capital costs, accelerate the transformation of medical technology equipment. With the launch of China health management system reform and medical institutions classification management measures, public hospitals will face competitive pressures from both foreign and private hospitals, with advanced medical technology and equipment is one of the important ways to improve the competitiveness of public hospitals. If the public hospitals rely entirely on their own funds to upgrade the accumulation of technology, the speed is too slow, thus losing the market. But hospital loans from banks and other financial institutions to buy equipment, usually monthly or quarterly interest finally a one-time debt, for hospitals to payback period, to buy back the equipment may also be in cost recovery period, the investment return period is yet to come, this time will add the burden of hospital cost of capital. Finance lease is a monthly or quarterly debt service, the cost of financing on the end of the month or quarter, to achieve the sharing of the cost of capital, from this perspective, to ease the pressure on the cost of hospital funds.

    Third, financial leasing can help hospitals to improve management, improve economic efficiency, optimize the allocation of resources, is an effective way to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the hospital. By means of financing lease of equipment investment, due to the payment of rent is according to the specific equipment usage, flexible and distributed in each within the term, relatively stable, is conducive to the accurate calculation of the cost, reasonable arrangements for cost of capital. Regular payment of rent is also conducive to the maintenance, management and use of the hospital to strengthen the equipment, to avoid idle waste. In addition, the hospital only needs less capital investment can obtain the more expensive to buy equipment, equivalent to increase liquidity in the hospital, to speed up the turnover of funds in the hospital, and hospital increased balance of payments to create the conditions. With the rapid development of science and technology, medical equipment also in innovation, through leasing, hospitals can accelerate the upgrading of medical equipment, timely introduction of new equipment, new technology, not because of funding problems and bound to vigorously develop the muscles, so as to further improve the hospital's comprehensive strength and competitiveness of the community.

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